Orange Remote Access

Access computers from anywhere

Complete solution in remote access! Manage your client, employee and student computers from any place and time.


What can we do with Or@?

The program for Remote Access is the ideal solution for connecting your computers anywhere in the world.

With Remote Access Or@ configuration is Fast and simple, meaning huge time savings, as you don't need to install it on your computer. The system administrator or online support person can keep the network completely secure, with firewalls functioning normally while accessing computers.

Full reporting and recording of support sessions

Reports are automatically generated for all connections, support time, chat and screen recordings.

File transfer and chat

We will be able to send and receive files and folders between computers. Opens a chat screen, where we can chat with the remote user.

Secure connection (Hybrid AES+RSA)

Or@'s remote access method uses a hybrid encryption algorithm for data transfer. It combines AES (US Government-accepted standard known for its reliability) and RSA, which is widely used not only for data encryption but also in operations with digital signatures.


Simultaneous connection at no additional cost. The same computer can be accessed by multiple support people at the same time.

With Remote Access Or@ is possible to have fast and balanced connection of servers in North America and have support for all plans, right to all updates, Remote Access and/or simultaneous sharing no additional costs. The program allows file transfers, connects behind firewall and NATs and has a small executable that runs without installation. We also offer it in Microsoft (msi) format to deploy via GPO.

Windows version

Click here to download . Click here and see on our Youtube channel how to use Or@.


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Product Manager


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